Monday, 28 August 2017

Driving Videos in the United Kingdom.

My photography, YouTube channel and blog are just hobbies to keep me occupied, my proper job is a HGV driver around the roads of the United Kingdom. Occasionally I like to share videos of where I have been if they are somewhere I would like to photograph but I was unable to take the time to stop and picture them.
The following short films were taken on my travels around the country and I have set them to music, as it sounds better than the engine from my wagon.

The first video was taken on October 29th 2013 and shows the Dartford Crossing heading north before the toll booths were removed, and driving through the eastern tunnel until I emerge on the northern side of the River Thames in Essex. The speed has been increased by 2.

The 2nd video shows a crossing of the England / Scotland Carter Bar border crossing on the A68 from Northumbria in to the Border's region. Again has been speeded up

The next film again speeded up shows a drive through the historic Scottish Border's town of Jedburgh including passing the famous cathedral remains.

The following clip shows a crossing from the south to the north over the River Thames using the Woolwich Ferry. Again the clip has been speeded up.

The next is me driving past Lancaster services with the famous Pennine tower in view in all it's glory.

And the final clip was taken recently driving through Elland town centre in the early morning.
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