Sunday, 8 December 2019

Walsden Railway Station

Walsden Railway Station serves the village of Walsden, formerly part of Lancashire now firmly in West Yorkshire a couple of miles to the west of Todmorden. The first station here was opened in 1845 between the iron bridge and Winterbuttlee Tunnel, the bridge built in 1890 is the only remains of the original station which closed in August 1961. The station used to have a level crossing which has been the scene of a few injuries and deaths, this was removed and the current station was built upon the site of the crossing. It is has a stream running underneath the station close to the iron bridge which regularly causes the station and line to be flooded during heavy rains. It was also the only place in the greater Todmorden area to be bombed during the 2nd World War.

The current station opened in September 1990 a few metres east of the original station site, and averages approx. 2100 passengers per week (2017-18 figures). There are limited facilities at the station with only small shelters to provide protection from the weather. There are electronic information boards and ticket machines, the station unstaffed.

There are a total of 10 pictures taken at the station on August 27th 2017 using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera. They can be seen here, full size on Flickr, and selected ones can be seen on my Clickasnap account and purchased as downloads.

Walsden Railway Station
Use the arrows to navigate the album, selected images below are taken from the same album.

Walsden Original Station Site and Winterbuttlee Tunnel
Train Passing Walsden Station Bridge
Train at Walsden Station Platform 2

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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Church of the Holy Ascension. Settle Parish Church

Settle Parish Church, or by it's official name Church of the Holy Ascension sits near the centre of the small market town of Settle, North Yorkshire. The church was designed by Thomas Rickman and consecrated on the 26th October 1838 and parts of the interior were remodelled in 1998. Sadly I haven't been able to find much information on the church online and I don't live near enough to call in and ask around.

The pictures were taken on August 23rd 2019 using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera.

Settle Parish Church
Use the arrows to navigate the album. The pictures below are selected from the same album.

Settle Parish Church 1

Interior of Settle Parish Church

Lych Gate at Settle Parish Church

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Monday, 2 December 2019

Sunday 1st December 2019, a set of 6 Pictures from Sowerby Bridge

Only a small selection and of no particular subject, on the day I was just taking a walk down to my local supermarket via the more scenic route over the Rochdale Canal and River Calder.

My initial picture shows the Rochdale Canal from the iron footbridge. The bridge that crossers the Rochdale Canal is known locally as the Sowerby Bridge Footbridge but it's actual name is the Co-Operative Bridge and it was built to allow workers easier access to the mills that used to be on the opposite side of the canal from the terraced housing. My walk then went along Hollins Mill Lane in the direction of Route 66 cycle way and my final pictures were of the former mill weir at Hollins. The weir was badly damaged by floods a few years ago and now a large part of it has been washed away.

The full set of 6 can be seen here, on Flickr and on Clickasnap where you can also purchase downloads of them for a small fee.

The Canal, Sowerby Bridge

Rochdale Canal From Co-Op Bridge, Sowerby Bridge

River Calder and the Weir

Weir at Hollins Mill, Sowerby Bridge

Hollins Mills Weir, Sowerby Bridge

Co-Op Bridge, Sowerby Bridge

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Cross Hills to Colne, An Early Morning Drive Through a Rural Setting.

2 Dashcam videos I have recently uploaded to YouTube featuring a trip along the A6028 from the Level Crossing at Cross Hills, West Yorkshire to the outskirts of Colne, Lancashire. Video 1 is a short real time video which shows the journey through Cross Hills village. Video 2 is a timelapse x4 video of the full journey from the level crossing to Colne passing through Glusburn, Cowling and Laneshawbridge. The dawn was just breaking behind the wagon so whilst the video starts in near darkness the early morning light is breaking through by it's end.

They were filmed on my dashcam on Friday 29th November 2019.

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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Stocksmoor Railway Station, West Yorkshire

Stocksmoor Station is the fifth stop on the Penistone Line when heading along it from Huddersfield to Penistone. Opened on the 1st July 1850 the station really has the feel of a rural stop, me being the station's only visitor in the time I spent there taking pictures. During the 2017 - 18 period of figures the station averaged just under 400 passengers per week.

The station is one of the remaining sections of double track being used as a passing loop for trains along the line between here and Shepley further south, the line was converted to single track status in 1989 having fought off once again plans for it's closure. It has been unmanned since 1966 when the first attempt to close the line was reversed.

There are minimal facilities at the station, with step free access to both platforms, no toilets or shop and limited shelter from the elements. When I was there in May 2016 there was no ticket purchasing machine, electronic notification board or passenger help point. I understand there is a ticket machine there now.

There are a total of 9 pictures I took which can be seen here, on Flickr and Clickasnap. They were taken using a Nikon d3300 SLR on the 21st May 2016.

Stocksmoor Railway Station
Use the arrows to navigate the album or click to view full size on Flickr. The ones below are selected from the same album.

Station Road Bridge from Stocksmoor Station.

Bridges beyond Stocksmoor Station

Stocksmoor Station

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A Trip to Venice, and St Marks Square Flooding.

A Trip to Venice is a new video uploaded to YouTube I have done featuring various scenes taken around the Italian city whilst I was there for a few days at the end of October start of November 2018. The video is approx. 2 1/2 minutes long and features scenes from a boat trip along the Grand Canal, scenes around the ST Marks area of Venice and various other short clips of the canals and buildings of Venice.

St Marks Square Flooding is a 1min 50sec video of various scenes filmed around St Marks on random days and times during my stay. In 2018 whilst I was there Venice was suffering it's worst flooding since 1968 the hotel staff had informed me. On the day I arrived I had to wade through waist high water across St Marks Square to reach my hotel and every day the area was flooded to a certain degree. In recent news the reports have been saying that Venice has suffered worse flooding this year than when I was there, I feel desperately sad for the people and can only hope the plan flood defences are finally built that have been promised. The people were fantastic and just accepted the flooding as part of there everyday life.

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Sunday, 17 November 2019

Steam and Modern Trains at Milner Royd Junction, Sowerby Bridge

Milner Royd Junction sits approx. 1 mile to the east of Sowerby Bridge Railway Station, West Yorkshire. The site is where the Caldervale line towards Halifax and the Calder Valley (the older of the 2) towards Brighouse split. The line towards Brighouse was closed to passenger services in 1970 and was a mainly freight line until reopening in 2000. The signal box is now redundant but still stands at the junction which is crossed by a 4 arch bridge. The bridge used to have a path towards Norland but for as many years as I can remember has been closed off and locked at its accessible northern side. The higher southern gate to the bridge is normally unlocked but is hard to access as the area around it in overgrown. It's just a spot I like to go now and again as you know you'll be left alone and you can watch the world of train transport pass by.

On Sunday 3rd November 2019 I had heard a steam train was to pass along the valley and through Milner Royd Junction, it was travelling from Blackburn to Wakefield Kirkgate an so I was there early to catch it, which turned out to be a good decision as the train was early which is not something you normally associate with British railways. The following 2 videos are taken from my YouTube account and were filmed that day.

The following album of pictures were taken at the junction on various dates, they can be seen full size on Flickr, use the arrows to navigate the set of 7 pictures.
Milner Royd Junction

Some of the pictures can also be found on my Clickasnap account just search under Milner Royd on there.

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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Accademia Bridge, Venice

Accademia Bridge is a set of pictures I around the bridge area and bridge in October - November 2018. The bridge itself is known locally as the Ponte dell'Accademia and is the southern most crossing of the Grand Canal. The full set of pictures can be seen on Flickr and Clickasnap with a small selection shown below.

The bridge is located near the final loop of the Grand Canal before the canal enters into St Marks Basin, Opened as a steel structure in 1854 the bridge was the first crossing here despite a previous attempt by locals to get a crossing built there. This bridge was replaced by a wooden structure in 1932 which stood until local politicians asked for designs for a replacement in the early 1980's. In 1985 the new bridge opened, it was an exact wooden replica of the 1932 bridge. There has been talk of again replacing the bridge, but I hope on a personal level they decide not to. I found it my favourite of the 3 bridges I saw that cross the Grand Canal (there are 4 bridges across the canal but I only got chance to see 3 of them), I felt it was a more interesting design than the Scalzi Bridge and a lot calmer than the Rialto Bridge.
Academia, Venice, Italy
Use the arrows to navigate the album. There are 10 pictures in total which can be seen above, on Flickr, and on Clickasnap here.

The pictures below are a selection of the ones in the album.
Academia Bridge, Venice

The Grand Canal From Academia Bridge, Venice

The Grand Canal, Academia, Venice

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Saturday, 19 October 2019

Piece Hall, Halifax

The picture I have taken of the Piece Hall were done on a few occasions, the building being one of historical interest and basically it's on my doorstep. My first visit with a camera was in December 2013, armed with just a Samsung Tablet this was around the time I was just starting to take an interest in photography. I wanted to take a few pictures as the hall was due to close in January 2014 for a 3 year, £19million restoration project. I then returned in 2017 after the Piece Hall had reopened and you can see the transformation of the building from a tired old space to a shopping, leisure and community space.

The following album shows all my pictures available to view on Flickr.

Piece Hall, Halifax

The Piece Hall was opened on the 1st January 1779 as a place for people to trade cloth they had produced. As the cloth industry became larger and more industrialised the hall saw a decline in traders and was purchased by the Halifax Corporation in 1868 with conversion to a wholesale market following soon after. This is how the remained until 1971 when the wholesale market was dispersed and demolition of the hall was considered. Over the following years the hall underwent a refurbishment and was reopened as a tourist destination on the 3rd July 1976 including shops, museum and an art gallery. There was also an open air market added during this era before once again declining visitor numbers had the now Calderdale Council considering the best way forward for the building. A plan was put together with funding from various sources to refurbish the hall and it closed to the public on the 16th January 2014 to undergo a 3 year long refurb. The hall was reopened on the 1st August 2017 (Yorkshire Day) and provides restaurants, bars, shops and live entertainment including music concerts and has been the starting point for the Tour de Yorkshire.

Granted Grade I listed status on the 3rd November 1954, the reasons given for this were as follows

Historic interest
Rarity. It is the only remaining cloth hall in Yorkshire
Architectural interest
Architectural layout.

The hall is overlooked by Beacon Hill and the Square Church spire, which is all that remains of the church damaged by fire and partially demolished in the 1970's. The spire now forms part of the recently opened Halifax Central Library.

The hall also has a couple of supernatural stories linked with it, don't all old buildings. One of the units in the south west corner of the hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl known as Amy. The TV show Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns also broadcast from the hall in March 2006. In a segment of the show broadcast from the cellars at the hall, he claimed to have made contact with spirits known as Mary and another one known as Joseph. Another story from the hall is of the Hand Prints. Many local legends spring from these, at the westgate entrance to the hall are a pair of hand prints on the wall, sadly although still visible not as much as they once were. A couple of the more popular theories are that a local with was responsible for the prints, or the more well known story is that they were put there by a murderer as he was making his escape.

The following are a few on my pictures taken around the hall. They are also viewable in the Flickr album above.

Piece Hall Eastern Entrance (2017)

Towards the Piece Hall's North Western Corner (2017)

Piece Hall and Square Church Spire (2017)

Piece Hall North East Corner (2013)

Piece Hall Looking North (2013)

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Saturday, 12 October 2019

McInroy's Point, Portavadie and Back to Hunter's Quay

This set of pictures was taken in December 2015 whilst taking a delivery to Portavadie, Argyll & Bute, Scotland. At the time I was taking a delivery of Doors to a redevelopment near Portavadie Marina and realising I would probably never be in this area again snapped a number of pictures.

The journey started at the ferry terminal McInroy's Point, Gourock on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth and once across the Forth took in a number of A and B roads until I reached Portavadie on Scotland's west coast a distance of over 30 miles. The journey is one of outstanding views and passes through a number of small settlements as well as Tarsan Dam, Kylies of Bute, Holy Loch, Riddon Loch and Striven Loch.

The pictures were taken on the 15th December 2015 using a Polaroid is2132 bridge camera.

The clip features all the images in a slide show video. The images below are a selection of the ones pictured on Flickr and Clickasnap that were taken on the journey. The rest can be seen on the Flickr album or video above.

McInroy's Point Pier, Scotland
McInroy's Point ferry terminal, the start of the journey.

Ardnadam Pier, Argyll & Bute
Ardnadam Pier

Snow Capped Scottish Hillside

Tarsan Dam, Scotland
Tarsan Dam

Loch Striven
Loch Striven

Portavadie, Argyll and Bute

Kyles of Bute, Scotland
Kyles of Bute

Loch Riddon
Loch Riddon

Hunter's Quay and the Holy Loch Shore
Hunter's Quay and Holy Loch

The full set of 69 pictures can be seen below,
Gourock to Portavadie, Scotland

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Watford North Railway Station

Watford North is a railway station serving the Hertfordshire suburb of North Watford. It is the first stop on the Abbey Line, a branch line that runs from Watford Junction to St Albans Abbey. The station is adjacent to the Bushey Mill Lane Level crossing.

Watford North Railway Station

The line from Watford Junction to St Albans opened in 1858, with the station at Watford North not following until October 1910. Upon opening the station was called Callowland, which then was a developing residential and industrial area north of Watford, which in 1927 led to the station being renamed North Watford which is the name it has retained since. The station has been unmanned since the infamous Beeching cuts of the early 1960's and has fought off closure threats a number of times.

There have been plans to improve services along the line and at the station in recent years but to date non have come to pass, these include a passing loop nearby to increase services from the current 45min mins each way to less than 30. There was also a plan to run trams along the route in recent years as well as extending the branch line to terminate at St Albans City Railway Station.

These pictures were taken with my Sony phone on the 9th July 2018. The following are taken from the album of 5 shown above.

Train Leaving Watford North

Watford North Station

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Saturday, 28 September 2019

J300 RAJ. Daf Truck

J300 RAJ was my final chariot at RAJ transport a company I happily worked at for over 11 years. The company closed in November 2018, unusually for a transport company for a simple reason, the boss Bob decided it was time to take that well earned retirement. 

This picture was taken a few months earlier to this, normally the trailers we ran with were not sign written along the side, featuring just a yellow stripe along a green curtain. On this day I did have one of only a couple of sign written trailers on the back of my unit as I headed down to Wolverhampton from Huddersfield, this only occurring to me as I stopped off at Stafford services southbound. So I took out my camera snapped the truck and trailer parked up and until today forgot about it. After a little tinkering with the trees in the background, taking the colour away from them this is the end result. Now sadly a distant memory but an enjoyable company to work for. Just thought I would share it as it brought back good memories.

R.A.J Transport Artic Wagon

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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Bronte Waterfall, Bridge and the Ruins at Top Withens

I have been sorting through some of my old pictures recently and came upon a set I took in March 2014 whilst walking the moors to the south of Haworth in Search of the Bronte Waterfall and the farmhouse ruins at Top Withens. I have added a number of them together to create a short video of images which can no be viewed here and on YouTube.

The Bronte Waterfall Is a small waterfall located to the south of Haworth. The falls are part of Bronte Country and area of outstanding natural Beauty with links to the famous Bronte family. The bridge that crossers South Dean Beck was washed away by flash flooding in 1989 and rebuilt the following year. There is a plaque there to commemorate this. Following the Bronte Trail in a westerly direction from the falls will lead you to the ruins of Top Withens Farmhouse.

Top Withens is the remains of a moorland farmhouse. Once you arrive you find it hard to imagine that how people made a living in what is a lonely area of moor with only a couple of nearby farms for company, these were abandoned in the 1870's and demolished during the years afterwards. Top Withens farm was also abandoned in the 1870's but a Mr Ernest Roddie brought the farm back into use in 1920 before it was finally abandoned and left to become a ruin in 1926. The house is said to have been the inspiration for the Earnshaw house in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights 

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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Lincoln Cathedral.

I am at the moment going through some old photo's, slides and postcards I own and found a vintage postcard of Lincoln Cathedral that I thought I would have a play around with on Photoshop.
The original un edited scanned postcard.

I took the scanned picture above and crop the pictures and reduced it to 6x4 inch sized. I then inverted it to give the appearance of a negative before tweaking the selective colours of neutral and black. I then tidied up some of the blemishers to give the picture below.
The version without watermarks can be seen only on Clickasnap, Click here to view this version there.

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Saturday, 24 August 2019

The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman, probably the most famous train to run the UK's rail network. The picture below was a slide which I recently bought and I was assigned copyright to during the purchase. 

The image shows the LNER Class A3 4472 Pacific Steam Locomotive passing a DMU passenger service at Chorlton, Manchester in 1964. The line they are passing on is no longer used as a railway, closing in 1964. The stretch of track is now part of the Manchester Metrolink Tram service which opened along this stretch in 2011.

The image can be seen best quality for a 55 year old image, without watermark on Clickasnap. The image can also be downloaded for just £1 there.

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Vintage Pictures of Lancashire in the 1970's

I have not had much of an opportunity to post anything recently having started a new job and found that is taking up a large amount of my time. Recently I acquired a large 35mm slide collection and I am slowly digitising and restoring the images and uploading them to my Clickasnap profile. Below are a set of images taken in Lancashire during the 1970's. The images shown here are not the restored, full size, and resolution images, they can only be seen on my Clickasnap profile via the link underneath each image. The images shown on Clickasnap do not feature a watermark either.

 Barrowford Locks
Taken in 1974, Barrowford Locks is on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal in the Pendle district of Lancashire to the north of Nelson.

The town of Burnley pictured in 1974.

Pictured in 1975, the village of Haggate, which lies to the north of Burnley, Lancashire
Pendle Hill pictured in 1974.

Pendle Hills, Lancashire
This was taken in 1975 looking across the Pendle Hills.

The copies shown on Clickasnap are full size, resolution un-watermarked images of the pictures above. The pictures are from a collection I bought and had the copyright assigned to me during the purchase. In addition to my own photography I also collect 35mm slides and postcards, I find they give a small glimpse in to the past, and with that in mind I will try to upload them to my blog and Clickasnap account for others to also enjoy.

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