Saturday, 31 August 2019

Lincoln Cathedral.

I am at the moment going through some old photo's, slides and postcards I own and found a vintage postcard of Lincoln Cathedral that I thought I would have a play around with on Photoshop.
The original un edited scanned postcard.

I took the scanned picture above and crop the pictures and reduced it to 6x4 inch sized. I then inverted it to give the appearance of a negative before tweaking the selective colours of neutral and black. I then tidied up some of the blemishers to give the picture below.
The version without watermarks can be seen only on Clickasnap, Click here to view this version there.

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Saturday, 24 August 2019

The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman, probably the most famous train to run the UK's rail network. The picture below was a slide which I recently bought and I was assigned copyright to during the purchase. 

The image shows the LNER Class A3 4472 Pacific Steam Locomotive passing a DMU passenger service at Chorlton, Manchester in 1964. The line they are passing on is no longer used as a railway, closing in 1964. The stretch of track is now part of the Manchester Metrolink Tram service which opened along this stretch in 2011.

The image can be seen best quality for a 55 year old image, without watermark on Clickasnap. The image can also be downloaded for just £1 there.

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Vintage Pictures of Lancashire in the 1970's

I have not had much of an opportunity to post anything recently having started a new job and found that is taking up a large amount of my time. Recently I acquired a large 35mm slide collection and I am slowly digitising and restoring the images and uploading them to my Clickasnap profile. Below are a set of images taken in Lancashire during the 1970's. The images shown here are not the restored, full size, and resolution images, they can only be seen on my Clickasnap profile via the link underneath each image. The images shown on Clickasnap do not feature a watermark either.

 Barrowford Locks
Taken in 1974, Barrowford Locks is on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal in the Pendle district of Lancashire to the north of Nelson.

The town of Burnley pictured in 1974.

Pictured in 1975, the village of Haggate, which lies to the north of Burnley, Lancashire
Pendle Hill pictured in 1974.

Pendle Hills, Lancashire
This was taken in 1975 looking across the Pendle Hills.

The copies shown on Clickasnap are full size, resolution un-watermarked images of the pictures above. The pictures are from a collection I bought and had the copyright assigned to me during the purchase. In addition to my own photography I also collect 35mm slides and postcards, I find they give a small glimpse in to the past, and with that in mind I will try to upload them to my blog and Clickasnap account for others to also enjoy.

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