Yadkin Hotel, North Carolina - Vintage Postcard

The Yadkin Hotel, Salisbury, North Carolina is a postcard I have owned for a couple of years now. I am currently sorting through a few with a mind to sell them on Ebay and this is one I am minded to let go. 

Yadkin Hotel, North Carolina

The hotel no longer operates, having opened in 1912, expanded in 1922 and closed after many years of decline in 1973. The building was left to decay, with a fire, substantial water damage and vandalism resulting in the hotel being gutted and stripped of anything valuable.

In 1980 the building was renovated overseen by architects Tenant & Tenant and received a new lease of life as an apartment building, now known as the Yadkin House Apartments, housing senior citizens and disabled adults. The picture is thought to have been taken in the 1930's.

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