Saturday, 23 January 2021

Lanzarote Aquarium

 Visited in July 2013, the Aquarium Lanzarote is an aquatic museum featuring 33 tanks and over 1 million litres of water. The tanks feature mainly sea life native to the Canary Islands including clown fishes, blowfishes, sea urchins, sharks and turtles. the aquarium can be found near the centre of Costa Teguise  in the east of the island. I took a number of short videos whilst touring the aquarium and they can be seen below and on YouTube. They were filmed using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Uploaded to YouTube on the 4th August 2013, currently seen 379 times. The video features a 3 legged turtle swimming around.

Uploaded to YouTube on 10th August 2013, the video has to date been viewed 2668 times. It features a shark swimming.

The final video uploaded to YouTube in August 2017 and seen 41 times to date shows all the clips put together of the sea life in their tanks.

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