Saturday, 16 January 2021

Postcards from Kenya, Morocco, Singapore and the United States of America

The current Covid pandemic has made it hard to get out with my camera since the start of the first lockdown last March in the United Kingdom, so I am currently taking an opportunity to work my way through sets I have already taken over the last decade, some slides I have acquired and some postcards I own too.

Todays post features 5 postcards from around the world, 4 of which were posted and 2 are from the same resort.

Sandman Motel.

The Sandman Motel is roadside stop in the city of Santa Rosa, California, an area famous as wine country.

The card was sent to the management and staff of the Manor Hotel, Yeovil in August 1977 and the both hotels still trade now some 44 years later.

Turtle Beach Hotel, Watamu, Kenya

This card again features a hotel and was posted, sadly the date is hard to make out.

Tangier, Morocco

This card was never posted and has no writing to give any indication of date.

Turtle Beach Hotel, Watamu, Kenya (Again)

Part of a set I bought, both of these Kenyan cards above were included in the sale, this one appears to have been posted in February, but like the other the date is hard to make out completely. Though it has the same image as above I thought the text may be of interest so decided to share both.


The final postcard for this post features a set of 3 images of Singapore.

Posted in January 1975.

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