Saturday, 13 March 2021

Eads Bridge Disaster and Outdoor Games at the Organ Festival.

I am currently working through my collection of pictures and postcards I have purchased and slowly posting about them here. Due to the current lockdown restrictions around Corona in the UK I have not been able to get out much with my own Camera. I recently purchased a collection of images which included a number of nudes and topographical pictures from around the world. Whilst I have no intention of sharing the nudes on my blog I am currently working my way to listing them on Ebay. The 2 pictures below were taken from this collection and they too will be listed on Ebay.

The first one was in a sleeve with the note St Louis and Illinois Bridge disaster. Eads Bridge. 

The 2nd picture featured today was titles "Outdoor Games at the Organ Festival" and was taken in Sweden during the 1920's

Sadly other than the notes on the sleeve I am unable to provide any more information.  Thanks for looking and please take a moment to share.