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Ancient Egyptian Gods

Ancient Egyptian Gods is a recent upload of mine on YouTube featuring 25 cigarette cards released in 1924 by Henly & Watkins LTD of London as part of their Egyptian branded cigarettes. Each card had a description of the god on the back which I wrote up alongside the images as the were featured in the slideshow. Also featured on the back was an offer to exchange a full set of cards for a "Genuine Egyptian Scarab"

Below is a selection of the cards featured in the video, the full set and descriptions of all 25 can only be seen on the video.

Amen-Ra became the national god of Egypt after the expulsion of
Hyksos, and because he was believed to have given Thothmes III,
a kingdom in Western Asia, and another in Sudan, he was called
"Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands" and "King of the Gods".
His Favourite city was Thebes. Amen, or the hidden creative power
throughout the world, was worshiped under the early dynasties.
He was most revered about 2500BC, about 1600BC attributes of Ra
the Sun-god were ascribed to him, and so
he became Amen-Ra.

The Dual God Khensu, or Chonsu, was a very ancient form of
Moon-god as the swift traveller over the heavens, and the
messenger of the gods. Later he was identified with Thoth,
as the computer of times, and the Thebans made him the son
of Amen-Ra. In the picture he was represented with a single human body
having two hawks heads, and standing on the heads of the crocodiles
of the South and North. On his head are the lunar disk and horns. The
two-headed figure includes Khensu Nefer-hetep and Khensu,
the driver away of devils.

Bes was a god probably of Sudan origin, and his cult entered
Egypt under the early dynasties. He is depicted as a dwarf or
pygmy and usually wears the skin of the animal Besa and a
headdress of plumes. He was the god of mirth, music, pleasures and
rejoicings of all kinds, jollity and feasting. He loved children, and
presided over their birth. In later times he was regarded as a form
of Horus, and symbolised the rising sun, new life, birth
and procreation. In one aspect he was a warrior god.

The goddess Het-Her, whom the Greeks called Hathor, became
incarnate in a special kind of cow, which was remarkable for
its beauty and fertility, and worshipped in predynastic times.
In later days she took the form of a most beautiful women,
and symbolised love and fertility, rejoicing and happiness. She
was an ancient Mother-goddess and Horus was her son. Many
of the great goddesses were only forms of her, and in her
seven-fold character, the Seven Hathors, she was the joy of the
gods, the generous friend of the living, and
nourisher of the dead.

Asar (Osiris) was originally a water-god and personified the Nile, but
after passing through many changes he became the supreme god of the
Underworld and judge of the dead. He took the form of a king and reigned.
He was murdered by Set, but Thoth, Isis, his son Horus and Anubis embalmed
him. He rose from the dead, and as Man-god was able to revivify his
followers in the Kingdom of Tuat. He became the Great Ancestor of
the Egyptians, and as the giver of everlasting life he was called
Unnefer, I.E the Good Being.

I included this image to show what the back of the cards looked
like with the descriptions that I added below the above pictures and alongside
the ones in the video. I also like the added touch at the bottom
to exchange a full set of cards for the Egyptian Scarab.

There are a total of 25 included in the video with descriptions too, they were released in the following order,

1   Horus-Set

2   Sebek-Ra

3   Nekhebit

4   Horus - The Son of Isis

5   Hathor (Het-Her)

6   Sebek-Nit

7   Osiris-Unnefer

8   Thoth

9   Anubis

10   Ta-Urt (Thoueris)

11   Serqet

12   Isis-Sept

13   Bast

14   Amen-Ra Her-Aakhuti

15   Sesheta

16   Bes

17   Her-Shefit

18   Horus - The Son of Isis

19   Khepera

20   Amen Ra - The King of the Gods

21   Sekhot (Sekmit)

22   Aah - The Moon God

23   Khensu - The Dual God

24   Ptah-Sekar-Asar

25   Shu

All these feature with description on the YouTube video.

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