Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Tyne Tunnel, North and South.

The Tyne Tunnel is a road tunnel that carries the A19 road under the River Tyne approx. 7 miles west of Newcastle upon Tyne. It connects the south bank town of Jarrow with North Shields on the other side. Originally opened in 1967, the tunnel formed part of a 3 tunnel project to link the banks of the Tyne via pedestrian, cycle and road crossings. The original tunnel was refurbished in 2011 after the completion of a new 2 lane tunnel to the east of the original one, which carries southbound traffic now.

These were filmed on the same day 29th March 2018 using my dashcam. The main video clip is of the northbound tunnel with the southbound overlaid in the top left hand corner. I then added some background music.

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