Vintage War Posters

A few years ago I bought a collection of copyright free posters and images off a collector and if I'm honest I was stuck for an idea of what to do with them, so they just sat on a hard drive waiting. I recently remembered I had them and came up with tidying them up a little and using them as slideshows for my YouTube channel.

The first set of pictures I used were selected from an album of wartime posters featuring propaganda for women to work, men to be recruited to various forces, rationing, promoting peace and nationalism. They are taken from many conflicts and various countries involved. I have done this slideshows more as a historical propaganda show reel rather than promoting conflict and they are to show how propaganda was used to help with wartime efforts.

I will be working on more over the next few weeks to upload to my YouTube channel from travel posters to vintage pin ups to more wartime posters as well as continuing to upload my own collection of images. Click here and take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube channel. The vintage pin ups will not be posted here but will be available to view on YouTube. Below is a selection of the posters featured in the videos


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