Sunday, 21 June 2020

Carter Bar. Crossing from England to Scotland.

Carter Bar is a set of 11 pictures taken at the historic border point between England and Scotland, The majority were taken in October 2018, with an additional one pictured looking south across Northumberland from the view point.

Carter Bar can be found on the A68 road at the top Redesdale Valley at a height of 1371ft above sea level. It is approx. 58 miles south east of Edinburgh, and 45 miles north west of Newcastle. The nearest town being Jedburgh.

Carter Bar has a viewing are which is popular with passes by who tend to stop and picture the stunning landscapes visible from the crossing. There are 2 large stones to mark the actual historic border between England and Scotland. The Cheviot Hills, Scottish Borders and Northumberland can be viewed for many miles and the crossings exposed placing and altitude means it can be quite cold on a summers day, and still snowy into late spring and early autumn.

On the 7th July 1575 Carter Bar was the scene of the last major battle between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland, this became known as the Raid of Redeswire. The area was also known to hold Truce Days, also known as March Law. This was a system of international law to settle cross border disputes between England and Scotland, attended by the Lord Warden of the Marches who was responsible for the security of the border regions. These became unnecessary after 1603 when the union of the crowns led to  King James VI of Scotland being crowned King James I of England.

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