Thursday, 23 July 2020

Vintage Postcards - Prince of Orange Monument, Brixham

Anther couple of vintage postcards taken from my collection, these are of the Prince of Orange Monument, that can be found on the seafront at Brixham, Devon.

The card was posted in August 1935 from Paighton and features the following text on the back

It reads as best I can make out as
 Miss Joan Harding, Ivy Lodge, West Malvern, Worcestershire.

Here is a picture for your scrap book on _____  _____, for your history _____ book. I saw the statue on holiday when I went to Brixham. I also watched the fishermen cleaning the nets on the quay. Brixham is such a quaint place. I am delighted to here your better.
Love from W.U _____

Any words I could not make out I have left blank.

The postcard shows a monument constructed in 1889 to commemorate the landing of William of Orange and his army in the town on the 5th November 1688. The prince was to become King William III of England on the 11th April 1689.