Saturday, 13 February 2021

Lanzarote - Videos from 2013

 These are a set of short recordings taken by my daughter and me whilst in Lanzarote whilst on holiday there in 2013. At the time I had just started to take an interest in photography and I had never filmed anything in my life, but I wanted some memories of the holiday and some of the places we visited so gave it a go. They were filmed using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

The first clip was filmed from the Penas Del Cache, the highest public viewing point on Lanzarote, their is an area of the island that was a little higher but if my memory is correct it was only accessible by the military. 

The area I was filming from was a car park for a restaurant and offered unobstructed views down to sea level approx. 670 metres below, I was on an organised trip of the island during the day. It's a popular destination for stargazers as there is limited light pollution and in the summer season the constellations of Sagitarius and Scorpius stand out.

The following clips were taken on a visit to the Aquarium Lanzarote. Situated in Costa Teguise a short walk from the hotel we were staying at.

The Aquarium was not overly large but was an enjoyable experience. Whilst having many different species of marine animals they do try to concentrate on the ones more local to the Canary Islands.

The following clips were taken at the Rancho Texas Park. The animal park has a couple of  daytime shows featuring sea lions and birds of prey, not together.

The following clip was taken at Timanfaya national park.

There are also some slideshow videos of the island that can be seen on my YouTube channel, just search Lanzarote on my clips.

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