Saturday, 8 April 2017

Penas Del Cache, Lanzarote

Penas del Cache is the highest viewing point on the island of Lanzarote, rising 672 meters above sea level, it is popular with stargazers and tourists just wanting to see the outstanding views across the island, and Atlantic Ocean. The name is thought to be of Guanche origin and translated is said to mean "the height".

The viewing area is slightly lower than a military observation post that overlooks Penas del Cache, this is not accessible by the public. It can be found to the north of the island in the municipality of Haria.

The mountain is a stratovolcano, built up of many layers of hardened lava and tephra, Its formation thought to have been in the Miocene period some 5 to 23 million years ago. Archaeological remains of the Majos, ancient inhabitants of Lanzarote have been found near to Penas del Cache. 

These pictures were taken in July 2013 with my Samsung Galaxy tablet. There are 5 pictures which I took at the Penas del Cache, they can be seen below or on Clickasnap where they are full size, resolution and un-watermarked.

The Atlantic ocean which surrounds Lanzarote can be seen down at
sea level.

Here is a short film set to music from my YouTube channel taken form the view point.

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