Sunday, 5 August 2018

1 Aspinall Street, Mytholmroyd.. Birthplace of Poet Laureate Ted Hughes.

1 Aspinall Street is a small terraced house in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire that is known for being the birthplace of Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. Born on August 17th 1930 Hughes lived in the house until he was 8 years old before moving to Mexborough, South Yorkshire. The period spent living in the house and the area around Mytholmroyd is said to have influenced many of Hughes poems. The house is now owned by Calderdale Council and leased to the Elmet Trust.

The Elmet Trust was established in 2006 to promote the works and life of Ted Hughes, they leased the house and in June 2008 restored it to a 1930's look. It is now available as a retreat and holiday home for writers.

These pictures were taken on July 21st 2018 using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera. I took only 2 pictures which can be seen below or on Clickasnap where they are full size, resolution and un-watermarked.

I wanted to add the sepia & black and white versions to age the pictures a little, i felt they gave the photo's a bit more character than the colour versions.

The picture below features a copy of Hughe's poem the Harvest Moon, no copyright infringement is intended and I will remove if required.

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