Monday, 19 November 2018

Venice Trip Day 1 Pictures.. 29 October 2018

Day 1 is a set of pictures taken in and around Venice, Italy on Monday 29th October 2018. On the day we arrived Venice was hit by some of the worst flooding in over a decade reaching almost 3 foot deep in places, especially around the St Marks Square area. These pictures were taken around the airport and hotel areas as they were the only areas reachable on the first day.

They were taken using either my Sony phone, Amazon tablet or Nikon d330 SLR camera. They can be seen here, with selected ones also available to view on Clickasnap with no tags, full size and resolution via the links underneath them.

 The boat moorings / harbour at Marco Polo International Airport. This Picture can also be seen best quality on Clickasnap here.

 Marco Polo Airport, boat moorings.
 Marco Polo Airport, Venice, The boat moorings.

 Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Click here to see a better version on Clickasnap.

 The flooded courtyard at the rear of our hotel. Normally dry. Click here to view on Clickasnap.

 Rooftops of Venice from our hotel room.

Back yard of the hotel when the flooding started to recede.

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