Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Hollins Tunnel and Weir, Sowerby Bridge.

These are 2 short film clips I made recently and have uploaded to YouTube featuring clips to put together of the weir and tunnel at Sowerby Bridge known as Hollins.

Hollins Tunnel.
Hollins Tunnel or Hollins Mill Tunnel as it is also known is a canal tunnel that carries Hollins Mill Lane over it at Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. Built over 200 years ago, the canal was opened in 1804 connecting the Calder & Hebble Navigation at Sowerby Bridge with the Bridgewater Canal at Manchester. The tunnel is the longest on the canal in Yorkshire and is quite an intimidating place in the dark. I filmed the clips at both ends and inside the tunnel on the 6th December 2018.

Hollins Mill Weir.
The weir at Hollins mill can be heard but barely seen from the canal tunnel, they are very close. The weir used to power the nearby mills that have long since been demolished and now stands as a monument to history. It was badly damaged during the devastating floods that hit the Calder Valley on Boxing Day 2015 with a large section now missing although this can't really be seen in the clips. I took these clips on the 6th December.

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