Thursday, 20 December 2018

Port Glasgow to Uddingston, A Drive Along a Scottish Motorway.

Until recently I was a long distance lorry driver in the United Kingdom, also known as a tramper, this ended when I was made redundant and so I find myself between jobs, earning no income but with plenty of time to mess about doing things. In 1 of these moments of time on my hands I was going through some old dash cam footage and I have turned a few of these in to short time lapse video clips. The first of which is this run through Scotland from Post Glasgow to Uddingston.
Port Glasgow to Uddingston is a distance of approx. 27 miles (43kms) and the journey features a run along the A8, M8, and M74 all motorways or duel carriageways. In a wagon this is a journey of about 34 / 40 mins when the traffic is calm, luckily on the 14th August 2018 the roads were even if the weather was not very summer like. When I get on to the A8 approx. 43secs in to the video the road with large breaks in the trees shows the River Clyde until approx. 2min 52secs. Sadly because I could not angle the camera over any further you can not get the breath taking beauty of this wonderful Scottish coastline / riverside. Sadly other than a run along the new section of Motorway between J21 M8 to J3 M74 there isn't too much of note.

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