Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Walker Pit and Beacon Hill, Halifax.

Beacon Hill and Walker Pit was a walk I dragged my daughter on a few months back. It's and area of Halifax close to Shibden that overlooks the town of Halifax. I parked in the Shibden Hall and Park car park before taking the approx. 15min walk up to Beacon Hill where along the way you pass a couple of ventilation shafts for Beacon Railway Tunnel and the one that stands out more, although on private land and partially hidden by trees is the Walker Pitt Ventilation shaft.

Walker Pit.
Paid for by Anne Lister and named after her partner Ann Walker, the pit was dug by John Mann in 1835 to supply coal to Shibden Hall and the nearby area. The pit was also known as Miss Lister's Mine and was subject to some dispute with nearby colliery owner Christopher Rawson. The ornate ventilation shaft is all that remains of the pit.

Walker Pit Tower, Shibden

After passing the shaft I carried on the walk up to Beacon Hill, which offers probably the best unobstructed views across Halifax, The Calder, Hebble and Shibden Valleys. Once at the top I spent some time taking the view in and taking pictures.

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Walker Pit Tower & Beacon Hill. August 11 2018
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The Beacon, Halifax

Shibden Path.

North Bridge, Dean Clough and Beyond. Halifax

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