Sunday, 17 February 2019

A drive from Scammonden to Sowerby Bridge Pt 3, Pt 4 and Pt 5.

A drive from Scammonden to Sowerby Bridge is a film broken in to 5 parts of a car journey I took recently from Scammonden Reservoir to Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. During the course of the journey I passed through areas of the towns and villages of Scammonden, Barkisland, Rishworth, Ripponden, Kebroyd, Triangle and Sowerby Bridge. All the clips are 4 / 5mins long and set to music.

Part 3 features 2.1 miles from the western edge of Rishworth to the centre of Ripponden, West Yorkshire and last's for 4min 27secs.

Part 4 is the 1.5 miles stretch from Ripponden to the western edge of Triangle and is 3min 2 sec long.

The final part 5 covers the 1.9 miles from Triangle to Wakefield Road, Sowerby Bridge and last for 4min 18secs taking in the centres of Triangle and Sowerby Bridge.

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