Saturday, 28 September 2019

J300 RAJ. Daf Truck

J300 RAJ was my final chariot at RAJ transport a company I happily worked at for over 11 years. The company closed in November 2018, unusually for a transport company for a simple reason, the boss Bob decided it was time to take that well earned retirement. 

This picture was taken a few months earlier to this, normally the trailers we ran with were not sign written along the side, featuring just a yellow stripe along a green curtain. On this day I did have one of only a couple of sign written trailers on the back of my unit as I headed down to Wolverhampton from Huddersfield, this only occurring to me as I stopped off at Stafford services southbound. So I took out my camera snapped the truck and trailer parked up and until today forgot about it. After a little tinkering with the trees in the background, taking the colour away from them this is the end result. Now sadly a distant memory but an enjoyable company to work for. Just thought I would share it as it brought back good memories.

R.A.J Transport Artic Wagon

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