Saturday, 28 December 2019

West View Park, Highroad Well, Halifax

West View Park is a public park opened in 1896 and covering approx. 14 acres in the Highroad Well area of Halifax. Built on the site of a former quarry on land donated by Lord Saville, the park was the idea of Mr Henry Charles McCrea and Mr Enoch Robinson who paid for the parks development provided the local council took over responsibility for the future upkeep of the park. The park features formal gardens, play areas and a terrace. The park was named West View at the insistence of McCrea, reflecting the views over the Norland Hillside, Pennines and Calder Valley to the west of Halifax. 

In 1904 a war memorial was added to the terrace area to commemorate the 2 soldiers who died in the Afghan Wars (1839-42 / 1878-81) and the 73 who lost their lives in the South African War (1899-1902). The statue stands at 76ft (23mts) and was blown over in 1937. When unveiled the it was surrounded by 3 fields guns but theses were removed also in 1937. The statue was given Grade II listed status on the 23rd November 1973.

The full set of 15 pictures was taken in February and October 2019 using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera. They can all be seen here, and on Flickr with some also viewable on Clickasnap where they can be downloaded best quality for a small fee.

West View Park, Halifax
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Afghan & South Africa War Memorial at West View Park, Halifax.

West View Park, Halifax

Drinking Fountain and Cobbled Path at West View Park, Halifax

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