Monday, 25 May 2020

Halifax Pubs Volume 1

Set 1 of my Halifax pubs is 9 pictures that were taken in May 2018 around the centre of Halifax, West Yorkshire. Halifax is known for it's large amount of pubs within a short distance and is a popular night destination amongst the drinkers of West Yorkshire and beyond.

Cat & Fiddle, Halifax
Renamed the Cat & Fiddle in 2014 the pub is more commonly known in Halifax as the Brass Cat, the pubs former nickname being formerly adopted in 1981, when it was changed from the Golden Lion. It can be found on Cheapside.

Bow Legged with Brass, Halifax
Bow Legged with Brass has been known as the following over the years, Pitchers Sports Bar, Griffs, The Griffin,

The Salvation, Haifax
The Salvation, which is housed underneath a car park started life as a branch of Comet Electrical Stores, before being converted to a bar in 2002 known as Barracuda. It has also been known as Barcentro during it's life as a pub.

Duke of Wellington, Halifax
Housed in the former Arcade Royal, home of the Halifax Co-operative society until 2001 when the shopping arcade was divided up in to smaller units with the pub being the main part of the development. When opened the pub was known as the Goose at the Arcade and renamed as the Duke of Wellington in 2012.

Koko's and the Bull, Halifax
Koko's to the near left of the picture has the honour of being Halifax's most renamed pub. Some of the pub's names have been The Crown & Anchor, Heaths, The Adega, Scratcherd's, and The Continental amongst many others. In the background of the picture is the Bull,

The Bull, Halifax
Rebuilt and opened in 1940 as the Bull's Head, this pub has also had it's share of names including The Manhattan, Xess, and Brasserie at the Bull.

Lewins, Halifax
Lewin's named after the family that ran it for over 60 years until sometime during the 2nd world war is one of the oldest remaining pubs in Halifax. Built in 1769 and known as the Hare & Hounds for much of it's history. Other names have included The Last Drop and O'Neil's. The pub was a men only drinking establishment until the late 1960's.

The Imperial Crown Hotel, Halifax
The Imperial Crown lies opposite the entrance to Halifax Railway Station. Opened as the Greece House and then the Crown Hotel.

The Middle Bar, Halifax
One of Halifax's newer bars-pubs I must confess having never been in the Middle Bar I don't know much about it.

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