Monday, 1 June 2020

Halifax Pubs Volume 3

Continuing my recent collection of pictures featuring the pubs of Halifax. This post features 7 pubs all pictured early one Sunday in May 2018.

Duke of Wellington
Duke of Wellington, Halifax
Opened as the Goose at the arcade at the turn of the Millennium, the building was originally home to the Co-operative society of Halifax. The names was changed t the Duke of Wellington in 2012.

Harrison Social
Harrison Social, Halifax
Originally a gentleman's club opened in 1890, the Borough Club, it became a pub / restaurant in the early 1980's and has been known as Flashman's, Bar Eleven and Harison's Social since.

KoKo's and Flamenco
KoKo's and Flamenco Tapas, Halifax
Once 1 pub, now split in to 2 units, KoKo's is in the former accommodation of the building with Flamenco's occupying the former pub unit. It is said to be the most renamed pub in Halifax with previous names including the Crown & Anchor, Heaths, The Adega, Broadies and the Continental amongst other names.

Maggie's and Mcfly's
Maggie's and Mcfly's, Halifax
Opening as a Jumpin Jak's Nightclub in 2002 in what had been Halifax's last remaining cinema, the building has had a number of owners and names since, including The Groove and Chicago's. Occasionally the upstairs where the cinema screens can still be seen is opened for the public to view and reminisce.

The Gundog
The Gundog, Halifax
Opened in 1829 the pub frontage was completely rebuilt in the early 20th century. Prior to being renamed the Gundog in 2016 the pub has also be known as the Sportsman, the Cooper's Arms & the Rose & Crown.

The Jubilee
The Jubilee, Halifax
Renamed the Jubilee in 2012 to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the pub was more popularly known as the Portman & Pickles for many years. Previously known as the Wheatsheaf and the William Deighton.

Yates Wine Lodge
Yates, Halifax

Another pub that's had plenty of names including Rosie O'Grady's, Foggy's, the Black Swan and since 1992 has been the home of Yates Wine Lodge.

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