Saturday, 9 April 2022

Rochdale Canal Artworks.

These 3 artworks show scenes on the Rochdale Canal near Warland and Summit between Todmorden and Littleborough, they are based on earlier photo's I took along this stretch in May 2015. They can occasionally be purchased from Ebay and Ebid. They can also be seen full size, resolution and un-watermarked on Clickasnap.

Benthouse Lock.
Benthouse lock is number 46 on the canal and has a mooring area
alongside the canal pictured above.

Rochdale Canal Summit.
The Rochdale Canal summit is the point where the canal drops
down either side of the Pennines in the directions of Greater Manchester
and Yorkshire.

Warland Swing Bridge.
Warland Gate Swing Bridge is bride number 41 across the Rochdale

These artworks can also be seen on Clickasnap.

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