Saturday, 10 March 2018

Croydon Airport and a Batlle of Britian Memorial.

Croydon Airport, which was also known as London Airport is a industrial estate, that was the major airport for London in the 1920' - 30's. Located in South London it was developed as the main UK airport between the wars but the growth of the suburbs encroached on the airport and unable to expand the airport was replaced by Heathrow and Gatwick as London's main airport.

The airport is now a major industrial area, the former terminal buildings are still standing with the main terminal now known as Airport House, featuring a de Havilland Heron supported on struts as part of the entrance pathway to the building.
Under the Plane.
The entrance to the former airport terminal building.

There is a memorial to the flight crews based at Croydon a few hundred metres south of the former terminal building.
Battle of Britain Memorial, Croydon Airport.

There are 2 edited pictures that can be viewed on Clickasnap via the links below,

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Croydon Airport

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