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Willow Hall Dam, Sowerby Bridge 2013.

Willow Hall Dam 2013 is a set of 18 pictures taken in 2013. There are 16 than can be viewed on Flickr with an additional 2 exclusive to Clickasnap via the links below. They were taken on December 26th using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Willow Hall Dam, Sowerby Bridge 2013.

Willow Hall Dam is a small fishing lake in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. It is operated by Bradford No. 1 angling association. You would need there permission and have to pay a small fee to fish there. Some of the fish that are said to be in the lake include roach, perch, ide, bream, chub and pike. There is also according to the Fish Around website 2 catfish in it's water. There is room for about 18 anglers.

There are 2 lakes here and the upper lake acts as a barrier for the feeder streams that run in to from the surrounding hill side, the lower lake is the only one that appears to be fished in. The surrounding woodland is full of wildlife and makes for a picturesque setting.

The dam was built as part of the nearby Willow Hall Mills complex, only the dam remaining the mill now covered by a housing estate called Bentley Mount. The mill was the first in Britain to be lit by gas.

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Abandoned Bench, Willow Hall Dam.
Taken at the upper lake.
Willow Hall Dam 2.
The Lower Lake.

Willow Hall Dam 5.
The stream feeding in to the upper lake.

Willow Hall Dam 13.
The lower dam head.

There are a total of 18 pictures to be seen taken at the dam. They can be seen via the links to Clickasnap or on Flickr. All links open in another window.

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