Sunday, 19 August 2018

Hebden Old Bridge (2018)

I recently found myself in Hebden Bridge armed with camera but at a loose end for a few minutes so passed the time take a few pictures around the town including the old packhorse bridge which crossers Hebden Water Nr the centre of town. I previously posted here about the bridge, with pictures I had taken on previous visits using a Polaroid is2132 Bridge Camera or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Click here to see the post and original pictures taken at the bridge. This set of pictures was taken on July 21st 2018 using a Nikon d3300. There are 7 in total with 1 exclusive to Clickasnap via the link below and 6 viewable here and on Flickr.

The bridge is thought to date from the early 16th century and but for a campaign by the people of Heptonstall would have been demolished when the new turnpike was built in the 1770's. t has been renovated a number of times and has parapets the jut out to provide passing places sue to it's narrow width. The bridge is where the town get's it name from.

Hebden Old Bridge (2018)
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Hebden Old Bridge.
Old Packhorse Bridge, Hebden.

St George's Bridge and Hebden Water.

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