Sunday, 12 August 2018

Wainhouse Terrace, King Cross, Halifax

Wainhouse Terrace is a Grade II listed former housing development that sits between the A646 Burnley Road and the A58 Rochdale Road at King Cross, Nr Halifax, West Yorkshire. The terraces back to back Victorian housing was removed during the areas major redevelopment during the early 1970's. The area had loads of housing, buildings ETC demolished and road widening was undertaken. The terrace was built by John Wainhouse who also built the nearby Wainhouse Tower. It features a square tower with a spiral staircase to allow access to each level and a balcony / terrace area along the top.

After the removal of housing the terrace was cleaned up in to a viewing area overlooking the Ryburn Valley in 1973 and was reasonably looked after whilst owned by the council until they sold it in March 2008 for just £76,000. The terrace has since been left to fall in to a sad state of disrepair and has been recently relisted for sale. A local volunteer group cleaned up the area in 2016 and personally I think it would make an outstanding market area, or garden area if only somebody took an interest in it.

This set of pictures was taken in October 2017 using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera. There is a total of 16 pictures with 11 available on here and Flickr and an additional 5 exclusive to Clickasnap via the links below.

Wainhouse Terrace, King Cross. October 2017
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Footbridge at Wainhouse Terrace, Halifax

Cobbles, Columns and the Crossing.

Wainhouse Terrace Stairwell.

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