Saturday, 28 September 2019

J300 RAJ. Daf Truck

J300 RAJ was my final chariot at RAJ transport a company I happily worked at for over 11 years. The company closed in November 2018, unusually for a transport company for a simple reason, the boss Bob decided it was time to take that well earned retirement. 

This picture was taken a few months earlier to this, normally the trailers we ran with were not sign written along the side, featuring just a yellow stripe along a green curtain. On this day I did have one of only a couple of sign written trailers on the back of my unit as I headed down to Wolverhampton from Huddersfield, this only occurring to me as I stopped off at Stafford services southbound. So I took out my camera snapped the truck and trailer parked up and until today forgot about it. After a little tinkering with the trees in the background, taking the colour away from them this is the end result. Now sadly a distant memory but an enjoyable company to work for. Just thought I would share it as it brought back good memories.

R.A.J Transport Artic Wagon

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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Bronte Waterfall, Bridge and the Ruins at Top Withens

I have been sorting through some of my old pictures recently and came upon a set I took in March 2014 whilst walking the moors to the south of Haworth in Search of the Bronte Waterfall and the farmhouse ruins at Top Withens. I have added a number of them together to create a short video of images which can no be viewed here and on YouTube.

The Bronte Waterfall Is a small waterfall located to the south of Haworth. The falls are part of Bronte Country and area of outstanding natural Beauty with links to the famous Bronte family. The bridge that crossers South Dean Beck was washed away by flash flooding in 1989 and rebuilt the following year. There is a plaque there to commemorate this. Following the Bronte Trail in a westerly direction from the falls will lead you to the ruins of Top Withens Farmhouse.

Top Withens is the remains of a moorland farmhouse. Once you arrive you find it hard to imagine that how people made a living in what is a lonely area of moor with only a couple of nearby farms for company, these were abandoned in the 1870's and demolished during the years afterwards. Top Withens farm was also abandoned in the 1870's but a Mr Ernest Roddie brought the farm back into use in 1920 before it was finally abandoned and left to become a ruin in 1926. The house is said to have been the inspiration for the Earnshaw house in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights 

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