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Warley Moor (Updated)

Warley Moor is an area of open land approx. 6 miles north of Halifax on an old road route to Haworth, another 3 miles north of Warley Moor. The area lies just above the village of Wainstalls in an area known locally as Top Withins. The area is stunning and there have been many times I have been there and it seems to have it's own climate, it lies approx. 1440ft above sea level and I have known it sunny and calm when I have left my house down the valley at Sowerby Bridge and rainy and stormy when I have arrived at Warley Moor. The area is known locally by a number of different names, Them being Fly Flatts, Top Withins and Ovenden Moor.

As well as the outstanding moorland giving unbeatable views across the Calder, Hebble and Oxenhope Valleys, the moor is also home to Warley Moor Reservoir and Ovenden Moor Windfarm.

Warley Moor Reservoir
Warley Moor Reservoir, Halifax.

Completed in 1872 after a near 8 year build Warley Moor Reservoir or Fly Flatts as it is also known was built on behalf of the Halifax Waterworks Extension Scheme. When full it covers 68 acres, has a depth of 45 feet and holds approx. 193 million gallons. It is known owned and maintained by Yorkshire Water and the home of Halifax Sailing Club, established in 1959 the reservoirs high elevation makes them the highest sailing club in Britain.

Ovenden Moor WInd Farm
Warley Moor Windfarm

Opened in 1993 at a cost of £12 million, they site had 23 turbines when completed. Controversial when opened due to the turbines being in an area of outstanding natural beauty overlooking Bronte Country, and the Calder & Hebble Valleys the original turbines were expected to have a life span of 25 years and generate enough power for approx. 5500 homes. These were decommissioned in 2015 and replaced by 9 turbines with the power to generate more electricity, an estimated 11000 homes can now be powered from here.

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Warley Moor Reservoir, The Withins and Ovenden Moor Windfarm.
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Road to Warley Moor

Warley to the Calder Valley & Beyond

Warley Moor

Warley Moor

The Road Past Warley Moor Reservoir

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