Saturday, 5 December 2020

Woolshops, Halifax. Updated with New Pictures

 I have previously posted about the Woolshops, most of the pictures from that post have been lost to time so I thought I would update them and post about the centre again.

The Woolshops is a shopping centre in the heart of Halifax, West Yorkshire. Named after the Grade II listed timber building built in 1670, that can be found to the north west of the precinct. The centre was originally planned as an Arndale Centre in the mid 1970's, this development would have seen the Woolshops or Tudor house building disappear with many of the other long standing properties nearby. This plan was abandoned by 1979 when a number of the anchor tenants withdrew from the project leading to the building of the Woolshops as an alternative. Phase 1 was completed in 1983 and the centre was popular from the beginning. Phase 2 saw additional shops added opposite Marks and Spencers and towards the north gate of the Piece Hall on the site of the car park. Sadly like all retail now the centre is suffering from a footfall reduction, even more so during these Covid times and a couple of units are now empty.

These pictures were taken on an early Sunday morning in May 2018, the emptiness shows what the streets around the Woolshops have come to resemble since the multiple lockdowns that have effected the UK and Halifax area this year.

Woolshops Shopping Centre, Halifax

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Woolshops Shopping Centre, Halifax

The centre looking north from the Piece Hall entrance.

Seating at Woolshops Shopping Centre, Halifax

Woolshops looking west towards the town centre. The steps at the top of the cobbles now house the Duke of Wellingtons statue which was added in 2019.

Woolshops Shopping Centre, Halifax

The centre looking eastwards.

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