Sunday, 6 February 2022

Copley Toll Booth and Bridge, October 2013.

A small set of pictures taken with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 27th October 2013, they were taken from the now demolished Copley Toll Bridge.

Copley Toll Booth

Copley Toll Booth is now a private residence that stands to the south of present day Wilson Bridge, but in 2013 stood at the end of the s arch stone Copley River (Toll) bridge. The booth was built circa 1831 when the bridge was constructed. This picture can be seen on my Clickasnap Profile un-watermarked, full size and resolution.

Fee structure for crossing the bridge.

The above fee board could be found on the side of Copley Toll Booth when I visited in 2013, I am not sure if the board is still there.

This picture taken stood towards the end of Copley River (Toll) Bridge shows the Toll Booth to the right, and to the left is the lych-gate to St Stephens Church, Copley. North Dean Woods can be seen beyond and the road heads in the direction of Norland and Greetland.

A scene that can never be repeated is this one of the Copley River (Toll) Bridge. The roof of St Stephen's Church can be seen with North Dean Woods behind.

Copley River Bridge was a 2 arch stone bridge that carried North Dean Road across the River Calder. The bridge was was built by Richard Kennett-Dawson, the last Lord of the Manor of Copley. The bridge was constructed in 1831 and a fee was charged to cross, this was abolished in 1856. The bridge stood for 184 years until the Calder Valley was devastated by flooding on Boxing Day 2015. The bridge was badly damaged and eventually the decision was taken to demolish the remains. A replacement steel single span bridge was constructed and opened in 2017, the bridge was named Wilson Bridge after Graham Wilson who had lived in the toll house until his death in 2017. The new bridge only allows crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and horses, motorised vehicles are prohibited.

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