Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Berry Brow Railway Station.

Berry Brow railway station is a 1 platform train halt serving the commuter villages of Berry Brow, Armitage Bridge and Newsome to the south of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The station was opened in October 1989 23 years after the previous station had closed which stood approx. 320 metres further north. The current platform sits upon what at 1 time would have been the southbound line before the tracks were reduced to single line status. The station was by a Total of 24544 passengers in 2019/20, a reduction of 1522 on the previous year. That's an average of 472 per week or approx 67 per day. The station was the 2nd least used station in Kirklees.

I took a total of 6 pictures at the station on the 21st May 2016. They can be seen below, and on Flickr. Some can also be found on Clickasnap where they can also be downloaded from.

Entrance Path at Berry Brow Railway Station.
The stations entrance slope. View full size on Flickr.

Berry Brow Railway Station Platform Looking South.
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Berry Brow Railway Station, Kirklees, West Yorkshire.
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Train Leaving Looking South from Berry Brow Railway Station.
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Berry Brow Railway Station, Huddersfield.
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Birch Road Footbridge from Berry Brow Railway Station
The original station stood near the arch bridge just visible to the rear of the picture. View full size on Flickr.

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

A Winter Walk.

This is a selection of pictures taken during a walk from Sowerby Bridge to Copley, West Yorkshire when the area had a light dusting of snow. I had just purchased a Nikon d3300 SLR and wanted to try it out so this walk was the perfect opportunity. I followed a track that leads from the Mearclough, Milner Royd area of Sowerby Bridge and followed this through the Copley Valley that was about to undertake a development on industrial units and housing so will be much changed the next time I try to picture the area during the winter.

These pictures were taken on the 17th January 2016.

Winter Walk
Use the arrows to navigate the album or click to view full size on Flickr.

Wainouse Tower From Norland.
Wainhouse Tower viewed from Milner Royd.

Sterne Mills Weir, Copley.
Sterne Mills Weir Copley.

Snow Covered Milner Royd Lane, Norland.
Snow covered path at Milner Royd, Sowerby Bridge.

Snow Covered Copley Valley.
Copley Valley.

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