Saturday, 30 June 2018

Holme Chapel and Cliviger Gorge. (Updates)

Holme Chapel and Cliviger Gorge are a set of pictures that I originally featured here in a post from September 11th 2016. The reason for the update is that the entire set of 20 pictures is now available to view and purchase on Clickasnap here. They can be purchased as downloads from as little as 50p with prints also available. Some pictures can be downloaded for free and these can be seen below.

The album features pictures of the tunnel, church and surrounding area, taken on the 23rd April 2016.

Holme Tunnel.
Holme Tunnel passes underneath Thieveley Scout, part of the Cliviger Gorge, south of Burnley, Lancashire. The 265 yard tunnel opened in 1849 had recently undergone an £11.5 million refurbishment when I was there, allowing trains to run through at speeds of up to 75mph having restricted for many years to just 20mph.

Can be downloaded for free with prints available from £5

There are 6 pictures take around the tunnel that feature in the set. They are available from free to £1 for downloads. Prints can be bought at various prices depending on size and quality.

The Church of St John the Devine.
The church built between 1788 and 1794 is an active Anglican church in the diocese of Blackburn. It is Grade II listed and overlooks part of the village built on a vantage point above the hillside. General Sir James Yorke Scarlett, known for leading the charge of the Heavy Brigade during the Crimean War is buried here. Over 60,000 people lined the streets for his funeral. The church is featured in 6 pictures in the set.

The church and grounds are pictured in 6 of the images, they can be viewed, or purchased form as little s £0.50. Every album of images has some pictures available for free to download.

The full album can be seen by clicking here. or by watching the YouTube slideshow below.

The full set of 20 pictures are available to buy or simply view by clicking here. They can be purchased from as little as £0.50 for a download with selected pictures available for free. Prints can be bought with prices starting at just £5.

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