Sunday, 8 December 2019

Walsden Railway Station

Walsden Railway Station serves the village of Walsden, formerly part of Lancashire now firmly in West Yorkshire a couple of miles to the west of Todmorden. The first station here was opened in 1845 and remained in use until post war economy measures it closed in August 1961 along with many other stations and was demolished soon afterwards. All that remains of this station is the metal footbridge built in 1890 and now providing a connection between the platforms, the original station was also sighted to the west of the footbridge running to the entrance to Winterbutlee Tunnel.

The station used to have a level crossing which has been the scene of a few injuries and deaths, this was removed and the current station was built upon the site of the crossing. It is has a stream running underneath the station close to the iron bridge which regularly causes the station and line to be flooded during heavy rains. It was also the only place in the greater Todmorden area to be bombed during the 2nd World War.

The current station opened in September 1990 a few metres east of the original station site, and averages approx. 2100 passengers per week (2017-18 figures). There are limited facilities at the station with only small shelters to provide protection from the weather. There are electronic information boards and ticket machines, the station unstaffed.
To the west of the station stands the 279 metre Winterbutlee Tunnel, opened by the Manchester & Leeds railway Company in 1841 when the line between Todmorden and Littleborough was completed.

There are a total of 13 pictures that can be seen in and around the station below, they can also be senn on ClickAsnap full size, resolution and un-watermarked.

The original station stood around here running up to the mouth
of Winterbutlee Tunnel.

An express train passing under the 1890 footbridge. The level crossing
that the station was built upon used to pass over the line here. Below the
footbridge is the stream that frequently causes the station to flood
during extreme rainfall.

Pacer waiting at Platform2, These have finally been
removed from service since this was taken.

Looking from the end of the platform 1, this picture shows the station through
the ages in the new station platform (Opened 1990), the 1890 metal
footbridge and beyond the 1841 Winterbutlee Tunnel.

Steps up to the 1890 bridge, this is all that remains of the original 1845
station which was closed and demolished in August 1961.

The 1890 bridge and road that used to lead down to the level crossing

Walsden Station from the 1890 bridge.

Winterbutlee Tunnel from the 1890 bridge.

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