Saturday, 2 December 2017

Todmorden Railway Station.

Todmorden Railway Station is a 2 platform station originally built by the Manchester and Leeds Railway alongside the Lancashire - Yorkshire border, but now firmly part of West Yorkshire.

The station opened in March 1841 as the main line connecting Normanton with Manchester opened through the Summit Tunnel. In 1849 services increased as the station became a junction when a branch line was built through the Cliviger gorge to Burnley known as the Copy Pit Line. Trains had to reverse out of Todmorden for Burnley and the station was bypassed altogether when in 1862 this line had a connection allowing trains to go direct from Hebden Bridge to Burnley without stopping. A 2nd station for Todmorden was built at the junction for the 2 lines called Stansfield Hall which became the stopping point for trains connecting Hebden Bridge and Burnley. It opened in 1869, the last train stopped in 1944, and closed to all traffic in August 1949.

In 1965 the Todmorden Curve was closed and by 1972 had been removed meaning no direct connection between Todmorden and Burnley with a plan to completely close the Copy Pit Line by 1983. The plan was changed and services were extended during the late 1980's and in 2015 after 6 years of planning this curve was reinstated and regular services resumed.

The station has waiting rooms on both platforms, is staffed daily and features disabled access to platform 1 only. Platform 2 can only be reached by steps. Platform 1 gallery ran by Todmorden Art Group is housed in the building s along platform 1.

I have taken 23 pictures at the station firstly in November 2013 using a Samsun Galaxy Tablet, and then at the station in April 2017 using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera.

There are 18 in the Flickr album below. Click to view them full size on Flickr.
Todmorden Railway Station
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There are an additional 5 pictures exclusively available to view on Clickasnap via the link below.

Features outside and inside the station and 1 of the viaduct. Each view of 10 seconds on any picture on Clickasnap helps support the photographer as they receive a small contributor's fee from them. Selected pictures on Clickasnap can also be downloaded for £1

The pictures below are taken as an example from the Flickr album.
Former Ticket Office At Todmorden Railway Station.

Todmorden Railway Station Underpass.

Todmorden Railway Station 1

Decorative Luggage Trolley At Todmorden Railway Station

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