Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Pickle Bridge Line, West Yorkshire.

The Pickle Bridge Railway was a line through the outskirts of Brighouse connecting Bradford with Huddersfield. The line opened in 1881 and remained in use until 1952 when closed due to subsidence. The 2 stations along the route were closed many years before the lines full closure. The is quite a lot of evidence of the line between Clifton Road and Pickle Bridge, Wyke. Sadly between Clifton Road and Anchor Pit not much exists. 

The line split from the Calder Valley Line at Pickle Bridge Junction which was between the stations of Norwood Green (closed 1953) and Lightcliffe (closed 1965), it then crossed the 22 arch (Now 8 arches, the northern 14 were demolished in 1987 due to subsidence) Wyke (Red Lion) viaduct, before arriving at Baliff Bridge station (1881 - 1917). The line then carried on southwards over the still standing 5 arch Thornhills Viaduct, before crossing another now demolished viaduct at Clifton. The 3 arch Clifton viaduct immediately led in to Clifton Road Station (1881 - 1931). Beyond Clifton Road the line then crossed the A644 Wakefield Road and River Calder before joining the Caldervale Line at Anchor Pit Junction between Brighouse Station (1840 - 1970. Reopened 2000) and Cooper Bridge Station (1840 - 1950).

The pictures were taken in 2014 along the lines old route (where possible) between Clifton Bridge Station and the main line at Wyke. They were taken using a Polaroid iS2132 bridge camera. I then edited them in to this YouTube slideshow. The music is Reception by William Rosati.

Just press play, the slideshow is 3 minutes 18 seconds long. And runs in an order of walking the track bed from Clifton Road to Wyke.

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