Sunday, 5 August 2018

Halifax Railway Station.

The railway first reached Halifax via a single track branch line in 1844 which ended at Shaw Syke near the present day Shay football and rugby league ground. In 1855 a new station was opened on the now line that connected Halifax with Bradford at it's current location and Shay Syke became the goods yard. The 1855 building still stands although now it is part of the Eureka Children's Museum which stands alongside the station. 

Over the next few years the station saw a number of changes which included a higher entrance via a new road bridge, up to 7 platforms constructed and in use, a restaurant and even a pub. The station also changed it's name a number of times from Halifax to Halifax Old Station in 1890, Halifax Town in 1951, and finally back to Halifax in 1961. After this final name changed services were reduced at the station and the platforms removed until only the island platform still remained. There are plans afoot to bring the platform that joins the 1855 building back into use and remove the bridge access, it remains to be seen whether the near £40million plan will ever happen.

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Halifax Railway Station
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1855 Building at Halifax Railway Station

Platform 2 at Halifax Train Station.

Towards the Signal Box at Halifax Rail Station.

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