Thursday, 22 November 2018

Cross Stone (St Pauls) Church, Todmorden.

Cross Stone Church also known as St Pauls is a defunct church overlooking the town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Built in 1832 replacing earlier churches that have stood on the site since at least 1450, continuing to be used as a place of worship until 1978 when the building was declared unsafe and was said to be sliding down the hill.

When Todmorden was the boundary between Yorkshire and Lancashire St Pauls served the Yorkshire community with St Mary's Church serving Lancashire. Since Boundary changes in 1888 the town has wholly been part of Yorkshire. The church has had the cock face removed and offers quite a spooky setting on some of the lower walls. There are a set of stocks built in to the east wall, now part of a wild garden.

I had passed the church many times along the main Calder Valley road and the Rochdale Canal and had always meant to visit, I didn't realise it was closed and privately owned until I got the chance on 22nd April 2017. I took the pictures using a Nikon d3300 SLR camera. There are 8 that can be seen here and on Flickr, with an additional 2 available to view on Clickasnap via the links below.

Cross Stone (St Pauls) Church, Todmorden
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Cross Stone (St Paul's) Church, Todmorden.

Cross Stone (St Paul's) Church, Todmorden.
Cross Stone (St Paul's) Church, Todmorden.

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