Friday, 25 January 2019

Sowerby Tunnel.

Sowerby Tunnel is a short video I put together featuring pictures and footage of the railway tunnel between Sowerby Bridge and Luddendenfoot on the Caldervale line. The tunnel was built in 1840 by the Manchester & Leeds Railway and runs underneath Sowerby Bridge Cemetery and Dixon Scar Woods. It runs for approx. 657yds leaving the industrial landscape of Sowerby Bridge at it's eastern portal, before exiting to the country setting of Sowerby - Tenterfields - Luddendenfoot at it's western portal. Sowerby Tunnel is also known as Dixy, Long and Cemetery Tunnel. 

The pictures and footage were taken on various dates over the last 6 years. The picture towards the end of the video was taken whilst stood near the tunnels western portal on the track. I had permission to be there, on the day no trains were running and I still complied with full health and safety rules to be there. Please do not ever enter with the property which trains run, it is very dangerous and can lead to death or major life changing injuries.

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