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Denby Dale Railway Station and Viaduct

Denby Dale Station and Viaduct is a set of 11 pictures taken in May 2016. They can be seen here, on Flickr and on Clickasnap, they may be slight variations in the pictures on Clickasnap to here and Flickr.

Denby Dale Railway Station serves the village of Denby Dale in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, built as a 2 platform station and opened on the 1st July 1850, the station has remained in use since, although is now only a single platform stop since the line was singled and the north bound platform removed. The station was planned by the Huddersfield and Sheffield Junction Railway who had received permission from parliament to build the line in June 1845, by the time the build was completed and opened the line was owned by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway who they had merged with along with many others in July 1847.

The modern day station offers only limited facilities with no toilets or refreshments available, the village centre is only a short walk away though. It is currently used by an average of 3442 passengers per week with an hourly service in each direction Monday to Saturday. 

Denby Dale Viaduct was built along with the line and opened in 1850, originally it was constructed of timber, due to the local price of stone making the project unaffordable. Despite concerns and visit from the board of trade the timber viaduct remained until in March 1877, the railway company under heavy pressure from Huddersfield County Borough Council committed to building a new stone viaduct.  Work commenced on the new viaduct adjacent to the timber one in September 1877 and it was opened on the 15th May 1880. The viaduct is now Grade II listed and features 21 arches.

Viaduct at Denby Dale
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Denby Dale Railway Station

Viaduct at Denby Dale

Southwards at Denby Dale Station.

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