Saturday, 4 July 2020

Copley (Manchester and Leeds) Viaduct, the Small One.

The Manchester & Leeds Copley Viaduct is the lesser known, and the older of the 2 railway viaducts that cross the River Calder on the eastern end of the village of Copley, West Yorkshire. The album features 9 images, taken on various dates and at differing seasons over the past few years.

Copley Railway Bridge
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The 3 Arch Copley Viaduct lies a few metres south of the more widely known 23 arch Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Viaduct and was opened in 1840, 12 years earlier than it's bigger brother. The viaduct was built by George Stephenson and given  Grade II listed status on the 19th July 1988.
The line that crossers over the bridge was closed to passengers in 1970 when Brighouse Station was closed, although officially this came in to effect on the 1st September 1986. Between 1970 and May 2000 the line was only used for goods transport and the occasional passenger service on diversion. During the 1980's plans to single track the line across the 23 arch viaduct and completely close the line across the 3 arch viaduct were discussed occasionally, whilst this would have made a fantastic walkway from Milner Royd Junction to Greetland, Elland and Brighouse, I am of the opinion that a railway line is of much better use.

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The pictures below are taken from my Clickasnap and Flickr albums.
Summer and the Calder at Copley Railway Bridge

Copley Railway Bridge Through the Pillars

Copley Railway Bridge Arch
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