Lock 19 on the Rochdale Canal

Lock 19 on the Rochdale Canal, Known as Todmorden or sometimes Library Lock can be found adjacent to Golden Lion Bridge Bridge number 30, Near the centre of Todmorden. The lock is a guillotine lock having had the eastern gates replaced due to their close proximity to the bridge. The first 3 pictures were taken yesterday 11 July 2020, with an additional one showing the view eastwards towards the guillotine lock and bridge taken on November 9th 2013. All the pictures can be seen here, on Flickr and on Clickasnap where they can also be downloaded.

Lock 19, Rochdale Canal, Todmorden

Artwork at Todmorden Lock 19, Rochdale Canal

Rochdale Canal Lock 19, Todmorden

The following picture is the November 2013 image of the lock, it was taken using a Samsung Galaxy tablet,
Todmorden Guillotine Lock

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