Monday, 2 January 2017

Pictures from the Halifax High Level Railway.

The Remains of the Halifax High Level Railway Walk.
This selection of pictures was taken whilst walking the remains of the Halifax High Level Railway in February 2014.

The Halifax High Level was a short branch line running approx. 3.2 miles from Holmfield to Halifax St Pauls. Originally it was planned for the line to miss Halifax centre and allow trains to join the mainline south of Halifax but this idea was abandoned during the planning stage of the railway. The line opened on the 5th September 1890 and closed to passengers in January 1917.

The line featured 2 stations at Pellon and St Pauls, the 20 arch Wheatley Viaduct and the 749 metre long Wheatley Tunnel. The stations closeness to Halifax meant it was never popular with passengers as people undertaking a journey into Halifax had to travel by train to Holmfield Station change trains and then carry on into Halifax an additional journey time of about 20 minutes. The line closed completely on the 27th June 1960. Whilst large amounts of the former track bed have been closed off and the eastern portal of the Wheatley Tunnel and line near Holmefield has been infilled there are still a number of reminders that a railway once operated here.

The Arches Of Wheatley Viaduct.
Wheatley Viaduct.
Wood Lane Bridge, Former Railway Bridge on the Closed Halifax High Level Line.

Wood Lane Bridge near Ovenden Wood.
Stone Railway Embankment and High Tunnel. The Closed High Level Railway, Halifax.
Railway embankment and tunnel near Pellon Lane bridge.
Closed And Flooded Halifax High Level Railway Cutting.
This infilled section is just east of what was Keighley Road Bridge, behind Ovenden Park.
The Entrance to Wheatley Tunnel on the Closed Halifax High Level Railway.
The Western Portal to Wheatley Tunnel. Sadly the eastern portal is now infilled and covered with an housing estate. Would have made a fantastic walkway cycle route from Holmefield to Pellon through the tunnel and over the viaduct.

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