Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Railway Stations of Calderdale Past and Present.

Railway stations of Calderdale is a short YouTube video - slideshow I put together featuring pictures from the public domain of nearly every railway station that has ever served an area of Calderdale. Of all the stations there were only 4 I was unable to find pictures of which were Brighouse Clifton Road, Halifax Shaw Syke, Rochdale Road Halt (Stainland Branch) and West Vale Station. I managed to get 1 picture of every other station and there is also a picture of every station open today. The opening and closing dates are included with each picture as well as the estimated re-opening date for Elland which is currently 2022.

It sadly shows what a magnificent railway heritage we chucked away in this area, as of the closed stations only Elland and potentially Hipperholme are ever likely to reopen. Had we land banked the closed lines and stations we could have potentially been looking at re-opening the Queensbury Lines with Holmfield or Ovenden Stations giving an extra route to the north via Keighley, The Pickle Bridge line with Baliff Bridge or Clifton Road Stations giving extra capacity on the line between Huddersfield and Bradford. We could also be looking at adding extra stations at Luddendenfoot, Cornholme or Portsmouth (Lancs) and Norwood Green or Lightcliffe to reduce congestion on the roads.

Anyhow here is the video of our railway station heritage in Calderdale.

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